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"Our mission is to provide quality consulting solutions with objectivity and integrity."

     Ryan Wilson Group (RWG) specializes in providing independent financial, economic and strategic consulting services to businesses and legal professionals worldwide.

  • RWG provides extensive independent business valuation services to private and public establishments both domestically and internationally. RWG has performed a variety of valuation services, ranging from quick value estimates to in-depth valuation analysis. Our reports are used for estate planning, marital dissolutions, employee stock ownership plans, comparison with other valuations or opinions and selling or acquiring a business.
  • RWG provides customized expert advice and industry research for support in decision-making and litigation on a variety of issues. We have assisted clients in a variety of intellectual property disputes, successful damage estimates regarding forced business bankruptcy by banks and accounting support for recovery in fraud cases.
  • RWG provides specialized merger and acquisition services, including appraisal of acquisition targets and identification of potential merger candidates.
  • RWG can introduce you to investor groups and private investors who would be interested in supporting the growth of your company.
  • RWG can assist you with development of competitive advantage, strategic positioning, identification of new markets and external factors both domestically and internationally that could influence the business operations and position within the respective market segment.

     RWG has performed strategic advisory services for private and public establishments in a variety of industries, ranging in revenue from $150,000 to $150 million. While some clients engage us for quick conceptual studies and value determination, other clients retain us for long-term strategic planning and corporate development.

     Our studies and analyses may be presented in the form of oral presentations, written opinions, professionally bound reports, seminars and expert reports before the Board of Directors, city and county officials, courts as well as regulatory commissions.

The following is a representative list of our industry experience:

  • Agriculture and Mining
  • Automotive and Aerospace
  • Chemicals
  • Communications
  • Computers and Electronics
  • Construction and Engineering
  • Fabric and Apparel
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare Supplies and Providers
  • Manufacturing
  • Metals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Transportation
  • Travel
  • Utilities and Energy
  • Wholesale and Retail Distribution
  • Wood, Paper and Forestry

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